4 Step to a Winning Resume

[1 min read] Employers take just 6 seconds to look at a resume before deciding if they are going to keep or bin it. My colleagues and I created this video to teach our students the The 4 Steps to a Winning Resume. Credits to @jelissa.ong for coming up with the great animations. Click the... Continue Reading →


I'm very privileged. By the grace of God, good fortune, kind mentors and a family that encouraged every random pursuit, I find myself as an educator to young adults at a critical point in their lives. Through the 50 - 75 workshops I conduct each year, I engage students in a range of workshops from... Continue Reading →

Accelerate Your Career by Demonstrating 4 Key Traits

[10 min read] Improved salary and benefits, quick promotions, development off-sites with global colleagues, opportunities to lead cross-functional project teams and international job rotations. These are just some of the many ways companies invest in their talent. And contrary to popular belief, these special opportunities are not reserved for a breed of young graduates with... Continue Reading →

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