My Apple Watch is my current favourite piece of in-class tech! What’s yours?

Don’t worry this is not some fitness post in disguise where I rave about how I get to track my steps, calories and health data as I facilitate a workshop.

So what does a smartwatch have to do with my workshops then? Well, if you facilitate big experiential workshops, you know that the learning experience of the participant is everything and in creating a good experience – music plays a big part.

Which is why when you’ve masterfully spun the right words to get participants pumped for an activity, you want the music to come out instantly to get the vibe going. Likewise, when you’ve got the participants to connect to their emotions, dig deep and look inside, you want the reflective sounds to subtly fill the room and inspire an atmosphere of introspection. Now unless you are Anthony Robins with an army of tech folks at your disposal, the reality is that after your perfect tee up, you have to manually walk over to the tech station, attempt to unlock your phone, realise that you’re not holding it right and your face or thumb is not being recognized, try unlocking again, hit the music app and then finally hit play before fiddling with the volume. It’s cumbersome, the timing is all wrong and the moment is lost.

But the Apple Watch changes all that. Now after shouting ‘go’, I simply turn the digital crown towards me and listen to the music pump through the speakers and energize the students as they jump right into the activity.

How does it work?

If your in-class music comes from your iPhone, your Apple Watch will automatically display a mirror of what’s playing with all the key buttons you need. You can skip tracks, play and pause using the touch screen and, adjust the volume with the digital crown. If your music is coming from the iMac or MacBook then you just need to pair your watch with your iTunes. That can be done quite simply with these instructions here. 

So this may not be the most revolutionary piece of in-class tech but it is mighty smooth. Hit me up to share other wonderful classroom tech that you love to use!

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